Funbee2018-07-24 11:08:27
Funbee, 2018-07-24 11:08:27

2nd monitor with other characteristics, is it worth it?

Good afternoon.
I have 2 identical 20' monitors at work, but I only work behind them.
I want to buy a second monitor home. Now stands BenQ | 24' | TFT-TN | 2ms .
1. Does it make sense to buy TFT IPS | 5ms (also for movies and games)? How will different matrices and different responses affect well-being? Which one to use the main (frontal)?
2. Does it make sense to buy a monitor with the same characteristics, but from another company, with a different design? Or is it better to take the 2nd exactly the same?

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Sergey delphinpro, 2018-07-24

Two monitors with different colors strain, but in general it works fine. I agree that the ideal is the same monica. But in your case, having TN, you should not take another TN. Take IPS, make it primary. In the future, it will be possible to change the second one, which is now the only one.

d-stream, 2018-07-24

The ideal is two identical monitors from the same batch. Or better yet, one 21:9 monitor that can pretend to be two monitors.
But since our life is not perfect - you can put any monitor, just interpret it as an auxiliary ... well, it's painful to bring the brightness-contrast of the gamma to the maximum similarity.

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