dbiyc2022-02-23 14:03:52
dbiyc, 2022-02-23 14:03:52

2k monitor 24 inches comfortable to use?

Now, like many others, I am sitting at a distance, and I realized that over the past 1.5 years, eye fatigue has greatly increased.
In addition to purely medical measures, I decided to change monitors.
Now there are two identical samsungs 22 inches, rather stale, TN matrix, 1680x1050 (16:10).
There is not so much space on the table, and I'm used to 2 monitors, so 24-25 inches is the maximum that can be placed geometrically.
Usage: Win 10 \ 11 + IDE + cmd, sometimes I throw a macbook, but not often. A couple of times a week I can play a little something like Fifa\Pubg.
Question: does this screen size fit well with 2K resolution ( won't it be too small ), or should I prefer Full HD?

If the public says that you need to take 2K, then my favorite now is DELL UltraSharp U2520D, but if Full HD with such a diagonal is what the doctor ordered, then I will gladly accept recommendations for a specific model.

UPD: I'm sitting a little further than my arm's length from the screen (+5 cm), I have vision problems (not very strong myopia and astigmatism).

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Drno, 2022-02-23

Go to the store and have a look.
I have 23 full HD. so normal for me

edos164, 2022-02-23

Look at the frequency, this is the most important characteristic for the eyes. The rest is trifles. The higher the frequency, the less flickering and the eyes will not get tired

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