Artyom Karelin2019-01-09 21:29:08
Video cards
Artyom Karelin, 2019-01-09 21:29:08

2 video cards on a PC, does it make sense?

Hello colleagues.
Mother: ASUS Z97-C
Proc: i7-4790k RAM
: 32 Gb
Two video cards: Asus gtx 1060 and Asus gtx 1080 ti
are also connected to the PC:
1. ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ monitor to the 1080 ti video card
2. LG monitor and TV to video card 1060
3. Sometimes it happens that the TV and 2 monitors are turned on.
The questions are as follows:
1. Does it make sense to have two video cards instead of one in this system? (it's a pity to sell-give 1060)
2. Is productivity increasing or decreasing?
3. What will be the recommendations?

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#, 2019-01-10

1 - yes, if you know what to do with them
2 - generalized - no. but you need to understand that software trained to use the GPU as a multi-core calculator will use both cards with a bang. example - crypto miners (people were running around in search of motherboards with the ability to connect many video cards - 20 cards through risers;) from "usual software" - browsers. yes, they will use it. Excel - starting from 2016 (or maybe earlier) it was noticed that if we display the screen through integrated graphics, and on Nvidia in the background we beckon - so the echelle starts to be terribly stupid !!! it needs to give a piece of resources from the background map in order to come to life ... you certainly have a very large reserve for browser and echelle requests, but the general trend is that more and more software can use the GPU, the same ACAD, on serious tasks, shove both your cards without batting an eye
3 - and that's up to you to decide))
ps about the expense - no download, no particularly noticeable consumption
pps about software that uses GPU - professional software for video / audio editing, ACAD and any other modern advanced CAD software, mathematical packages like Wolfram Mathematica, packages working with neural networks. in general, almost any modern software that is greedy for computing resources. even for the PostgreSQL DBMS, there is a PG-Strom extension for calculations on the GPU (MS SQL since 2017 can also use the GPU, but so far only in the " machine learning " module)

CityCat4, 2019-01-10

1. Does it make sense that there are two video cards instead of one in this system?

With virtualization - yes. The second video card is usually forwarded directly to the virtual machine. True, this is fantastically difficult to do on Linux, it is not known how to do it in Windows, and it is very expensive to do it on ESXi. I tried - no x .. it didn't work :)
In Windows - none.
Does not rise.
Doesn't fall.
Just eating electricity.
Take out and sell 1060 :)

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