2021-10-18 20:14:05
network hardware
, 2021-10-18 20:14:05

2 providers in one PC?

I have 1 port on the RJ45 motherboard
. I want to connect another provider in case the first one falls off,
how can I do this? buy a simple network card? How can I switch connections then? 2 router also have to buy?

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Ronald McDonald, 2021-10-18

If providers give DHCP settings and this is a simple (not L2TP, etc.) connection, then just plug the cable that goes to the router and do nothing else.
If providers give the Internet with login and password settings, then it’s easier to take a second router, set it up for a second provider and poke the cable that goes to the computer.
You can also configure the router to automatically switch (both wires from providers will be plugged into the router all the time), but not all routers can do this.

CityCat4, 2021-10-19

Usually, in this case, they take a router that can check the connection, stick two external wires into it and distribute traffic. Mikrotik can. Zuhel - maybe.

Drno, 2021-10-18

What does the router have to do with it if you are going to stick a provider into the PC?
Or is it necessary that there were 2 providers in the router? And wi-fi there And so on
And what to sit out for a couple of hours without an Internet, if anything?))
You can have 2 network and 2 routers
You can do everything through 1 router. Model dependent

Maxim Korneev, 2021-10-23

I have a question "I have two providers and one computer with two network cards / routers, how can I set up balancing / switching?".
I would start by answering the questions:
What do I want to protect myself from?
what solution protects against this?
how much does the solution cost and how much does it cost to downtime in case of a possible accident from which we protect ourselves?
Can I implement the solution myself and do I understand what needs to be done and why?
am I ready to learn to understand why the solution is the way it is and how it is better than others?
am I ready to trust and pay a specialist who will do everything for me, provided that I do not understand anything?
I hope that two providers should come through different channels - obviously? not through two wires in one pipe, but through different pipes that do NOT run along the same street! try to find them ;)

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