Ivan Koreshkov2017-02-23 05:48:56
Ivan Koreshkov, 2017-02-23 05:48:56

2 network cards 2 browsers?

There are two kerio, there are two network cards on the computer, and therefore two ip addresses. How to configure so that 1 browser goes only through 1 network card and 2 browser only through 2 network cards? There is no way to set up a proxy.

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nirvimel, 2017-02-23


Oleg Nerwin, 2017-02-23

Give 1 network card to a virtual machine and run a second browser in it

Sergey, 2017-02-23

One browser to start up through a proxy. The second through nat. Then everything is destroyed by the rules

SagePtr, 2017-11-01

return does not output data anywhere, it returns the value of the function. Yes, you can return an array this way, there's nothing wrong with that. In modern versions of PHP, arrays can be written shorter:
return ['str' => $result[0], 'gor' => $result[1]];

Cat Anton, 2017-11-01

This will be the norm:

function geo($city = null) {
    // ...

    return [
        'str' => $result[0], 
        'gor' => $result[1],

Either like this:
function geo($city = null) {
    $result = [];

    // ...
    $result['str'] = $data[0];
    $result['gor'] = $data[1];

    return $result;

Morfeey, 2017-11-01

Array output either

print_r($arr) // если вторым параметром указать true, то функция вернет результат

or by loop:
$arr = ['str' => $result[0], 'gor' => $result[1]];

foreach ($arr as $val) {
 print $val . "<br>"; // <br> для перехода на новую строку

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