Kleo Pickman2021-04-25 15:05:35
Kleo Pickman, 2021-04-25 15:05:35

2 monitors / screens, what life hacks do you know? How to take a screenshot of 1 screen? How to go to the next screen without minimizing the game?

I recently got a second screen.
I would like to know the answers to the following questions:

  • How to set up to take a screenshot of the screen (button) only on one screen? Now a screen is being made of 2 screens at once
  • Is it possible to use some key to move the cursor to the next screen during the game (dota2), so that the game does not minimize?

If you have any other tips on how else you can conveniently set up 2 monitors for yourself, I will be glad to read them :)

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y0u, 2021-04-25

  • Alt + PrtScr
  • Play in borderless window mode

Zakharov Alexander, 2021-04-26

Under Win, press combinations [WIN] + [arrow right / left / up / down] - it's convenient to move windows from one screen to another.

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