Nikolay2020-01-02 02:06:46
Nikolay, 2020-01-02 02:06:46

2 Mikrotik, 1 DHCP, how?

There are two CHR Mikrotiks, they see each other's local devices via L2TP + GRE.
I personally use this for port forwarding since the white IP only has one of these microtic.
Well, I set it up, everything is fine, but now I need to go to one Mikrotik, look in DHCP Server -> Leases, what IPs I need, go to the second Mikrotik and forward ports through NAT rules there.
And since they are already connected, I would like DHCP to immediately make a second microtic with a white IP, so that I configure the DHCP Server exactly there and see the IP addresses issued in Leases in the same place.
Tried by typing through dhcp relay, tried something else, tried to google, found nothing.
Please help with this question.

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Ronald McDonald, 2020-01-02

Well and do through DHCP Relay.
The DHCP server on that Mikrot, where external IP, a relay on it configure on the second Mikrot.
Of course, if I understood the Intent correctly.

Dimasmir0, 2020-01-05

It seems to me that dhcp relay through a vpn tunnel is not the best idea. In the event of a vpn tunnel failure, devices on the remote side will no longer receive addresses.
If you still want relay, but it does not work, then you can look at the logs, hang a firewall on port 53 (to make sure that there is traffic on the port), at worst, capture traffic (tools -> traffic sniffer).

Harry, 2020-01-20

a script that checks the second microt and, if necessary, enables / disables relay. there are plenty of examples on the internet

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