Alexey Rudovich2018-12-03 09:50:14
Computer networks
Alexey Rudovich, 2018-12-03 09:50:14

2 internet on 1 PC?

According to the working need, they brought out the 2nd line of the Internet, on 3 PCs.
The entire local network and two rides are connected to the 1st line.
How can I implement Internet access for these 3 PCs, on line 2 and LAN on line 1, and avoid conflicts between the Internets.
If you have to write a lot to answer, then I will be grateful if you provide a link to the source where there is a solution.

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sanglyb, 2018-12-06

Understandable in the question is much less than incomprehensible. But still, if I understand your idea - buy an additional network card for each computer. Assign different addressing to each network card. On the Internet map - register the gateway, on the map for the local area - do not register.

Ruslan Fedoseev, 2018-12-03

start there

cssman, 2018-12-03

register routes on a PC

Diman89, 2018-12-04

Buy a dual-wan router (it can work with several Internet channels out of the box, either reserving one of them in case the main one fails, or aggregates both channels)

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