AlexanderSuz2021-10-30 11:58:58
Domain Name System
AlexanderSuz, 2021-10-30 11:58:58

2 DNS in the same domain AD network?

Greetings, I'm testing a domain in AD with a configured dns server. Users see the domain and can join, there is Internet access.

I set up AdGuard on another server to block ads and other unnecessary things, it also works, but.

- but, now users/pc cannot enter the domain. In the settings of the router, I registered two DNS, for distribution to users that there was a poll of 2 servers, but until you remove DNS IP AdGuard, there is no access to the domain. Stupidly gives an error, but shows both SP in an error.

Where to dig? Need to set up a zone on a server with an AD domain?

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Pavel Mezhuev, 2021-10-30

  1. In the DNS server settings in AD, specify your AdGuard as the forwarding server.
  2. For users, leave only DNS in AD.

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