Barry Allen2019-01-26 17:51:21
Barry Allen, 2019-01-26 17:51:21

1x2k or two fullhd, can't decide on a monitor for a new PC?

I've built a new PC and need help choosing a monitor.
I do web development, both at work and at home (less often at home).
At work, two full hd 22 inches (I have nothing to compare with, it seems to be enough).
I want to use a home monitor both for work and for games, although not often.
I'm thinking about these options:

  • 2k 27 inches or more; - xs is it convenient to play on this
  • full hd 27inch; - xs will the quality be normal
  • two full hd 24 inches; - just xs, extreme option

What worries me is that I will not be able to play / work / watch movies with the same comfort on one of the options. Is it even relevant to take one large monitor instead of two 24-inch ones? I will consider any suggestions, I want to hear your preferences.

i7 8700 Coffee Lake
GTX 1070ti
16gb ddr4
SSD 256+2tb HDD

UPD: Many thanks to everyone for the answer, it became easier for me, I stopped at 2k 27 inches.

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Dmitry Bay, 2019-01-26

1) I had 2 24 (16x10) inch good monitors. But the last 5 years I switched completely to work on a laptop. As a result, one monitor sold, the second is gathering dust. I play on the desktop, but rarely. And not on the monitor, but I try on the projector.
2) The 27 inch size is very versatile. Now I would take it, for 4k for example.
3) 24" monitors can be placed vertically. but I didn't really like it.
4) you can play on a 27 inch, if you are not a strong nerd, you will not see much difference. you can even do scaling, and you will have a picture size of 24 inches. And games like GTA are certainly better to play on 27 inches or even on a TV set.
So my IMHO, I would take 27 inches. In my time, there were no good 27 on an ips matrix. Now they are and are available.

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