Dmitry Klimantovich2020-12-17 12:39:46
Dmitry Klimantovich, 2020-12-17 12:39:46

1s-Bitrix. Is there a ready-made solution for furniture production?

Good afternoon.

The task has come to make a website to which only dealers will have access. On this site, the dealer, together with the buyer, forms a complete set, for example, of a kitchen set by adding modules: 2 cabinets with two facades, 1 cabinet with 3 drawers, etc. After the completed configuration, the dealer indicates the dimensions of each pedestal, and chooses the material and color of the base and facades of the modules, which also determines the price. Next, fill with accessories. The end result should be a PDF of the order specification.

Is there any ready solution or what advise?

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Jupiter Max, 2020-12-17

Most likely, you need a good saw to cut and cut))

IgorBorys, 2020-12-17

At a minimum, you need to take Bitrix Business edition, as there are kits and sets of goods.
But you will have to cut really a lot and it will take a lot of money.

Anton, 2020-12-18

Well, unlike my colleagues, I would not be so categorical, and even at the small business editorial office you can do this, for example, by linking to a user (dealer) and linking to goods with trade offers, as well as a number of directories for general characteristics.
And leave WordPress for the text blog)

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