SteepNET2021-02-27 14:53:27
SteepNET, 2021-02-27 14:53:27

1C UT 11.4 Transferring improvements to the configuration extension?

Good afternoon!
There is UT 11.4 with minor modifications, in particular, a field with an enumeration and two fields with dates has been added to the document in the PM.
I would like to transfer everything to the configuration extension, including the data that is already in these fields but already in the new same PM fields.
All this in order to put the configuration on support and seamlessly update it.

Please help with advice on how to implement this?
There is knowledge in 1C programming, but not strong ..
It's just that you can't copy the modified details of the PM and transfer them to the extension, and then remove them from the main configuration? Even if it is possible how to transfer data in documents?

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Dmitry Kinash, 2021-02-27

0) First, decide on the object prefixes for your extension - this is a must to avoid name conflicts in the future. Suppose you decide that it will be "ext1_".
1) Suppose you have new attributes Field1, Date1 and Date2 in your Document. Add the details ext1_Field1, ext1_Date1 and ext1_Date2 in the extension.
2) After applying the extension, you will need to go through all the documents in which the details Field1, Date1, Date2 are filled in, and transfer their values ​​to new details from the extension.
3) Now you can painlessly remove the old document attributes and rewrite the code so that the interaction is with the new attributes instead of the old ones.

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