Dmitry Krapivin2017-08-08 12:23:40
System administration
Dmitry Krapivin, 2017-08-08 12:23:40

1c Is there a detailed instruction for setting up an external volume (database) for storing files on the server?

I want to set up a 1c enterprise connection to volumes (folder) for storing files on a file server.
For testing, I created a folder on my local PC, shared it with all users (absolutely everyone). The network path to the folder, registered in the settings. When you try to create a volume, it swears that something is related to access. It is not clear why he swears, because access is open.
I can't find instructions. Maybe someone has come across this. How to setup?

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Dmitry Kinash, 2017-08-08

I can't find instructions.

The first link from Google on this issue .
Second link (more details and more screenshots) .

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