evvasiliev2019-02-18 16:30:52
evvasiliev, 2019-02-18 16:30:52

1C UT 11.4 how to add a column to the "Products" menu in the "Customer Order" form?

There was a need in "Customer's order" in addition to the standard columns "Nomenclature", "Quantity", "Price" and so on, to add a column that would display the balance of goods in the warehouse for this position.
I understand that this is done through the configurator, the form of the document "Order of the Client" opens. And the required attribute is dragged to the "Elements" column.
Could you tell me the name of this prop, I can't find it anywhere.5c6ab33e8502f264806080.jpeg

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Konstantin Nagibovich, 2019-02-18

This property may or may not exist.

Konstantin Tsvetkov, 2019-02-18

The tabular section "Products" does not include "Balance". Search in the appropriate register.

Dmitry Kinash, 2019-02-19

In form design mode, in the details window, look for the Object and go inside. There is a tabular section Goods - go to it. The products have details with a blue stripe, which are described in the metadata, and can be red - added exactly on the form. If there is no Remainder among the red ones, then you can create it manually and put it on the document form next to the rest of the attributes of the Products table - you only need to set the ViewOnly=True property, since the attribute is not saved, and therefore the user should only be able to look at the information about the balance , not edit.
Now we need to organize the filling of the props with the real balance. To do this, in the events OnCreatingOnServer, OnWritingOnServer, as well as in OnChanging attributes form, which are associated with Object.Date and Object.Products.Nomenclature, you need to query the database for the balance of goods on the desired date and place the value in the desired "virtual" attribute.

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