Arthur Weird2020-05-26 14:15:56
Arthur Weird, 2020-05-26 14:15:56

1c: standalone webserver brakes?

Configuration: Accounting 3.0. 1s 8.3. Launched BUILT-in 1s standalone web server. He washed down in the service of Windows. All clients are within the local network.

Problem: Quite often, 1s in the browser stops responding. For example: You send an invoice for printing - the page seems to freeze and may hang for about 3 minutes - after which the printing form will open. Sometimes restarting the service helps. But something has recently stopped helping.

Database sql'naya, the service is running on the same server where the base is located. The server "for iron" is not littered with lags.
If you do the same actions from under a thin / thick client, there are no problems. Tell me where to dig?

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Oleg, 2020-05-27

How many users do you have in the database at the same time?
As far as I know, the standalone server is still in beta status. You can probably send a bug report in 1s.
And what is the need to use it? It has quite a few limitations, and the only benefit, IMHO, is 3 free connections without a server license. But you have a SQL database, so it's generally not clear why you should use raw beta ...

Dmitry Kinash, 2020-05-27

I saw reviews on the Internet that people are satisfied with a standalone server.
But in our tests, the standalone server performed significantly worse than publishing through Apache. If you run reports, then like you, everything hung up to 5 minutes.

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