theSobis2020-10-05 11:40:52
theSobis, 2020-10-05 11:40:52

1C real-time exchange with B24, constant errors?

The exchange of orders with b24 is set up, it is in real time, it periodically issues a plate with a message that it is not possible to establish a connection with the site, you have to restart the module on the main one, the error disappears, synchronization is restored, but after a while everything is restarted. How to fix it?

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Sergey Vodakov, 2020-10-05

Check if there is a connection with the site at the time of the error. If there is no connection, then figure out where it disappears. If there is a connection, look in the code where exactly 1C is connected during synchronization, what are the timeouts, the site may be overloaded and does not have time to respond.
In general, the work is creative and you have not provided enough information to give you a clear and complete answer.

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