AlexCruel2021-05-15 08:40:17
AlexCruel, 2021-05-15 08:40:17

How to remove the mandatory authorization of the 1C web service?

Created a web service 1C. Published.
Follow the link to go to the wsdl page. Login required.
The problem is, if I specify a link to create classes in Visual Studio, then my process will hang. It will constantly hang and try to log in. Error 401.

Is there any way to get around this problem? With examples, please, what and how to do.
As an option, what I think:
1. Remove mandatory authorization => will be removed for everything by the web server, which will be bad.
2. Try to remove authorization only for this web server.
3. How to make authorization in Visual Studio (Via Project - Connecting Web Services)

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Alexander, 2018-11-22

We need to add an int() to each parameter so that it is treated as a number and not a string.

AlexCruel, 2021-05-15

ib="Srvr="sup";Ref=""";Usr="";Pwd="";" enable="false">

Dmitry Kinash, 2021-05-17

2) Yes. When publishing on a web server, you can specify a login/password for anonymous login both in general and for a specific web service.
3) Yes. When specifying a link to a web service, use the full format with login and password .

Andrey Shamin, 2021-05-17

You can also proxy the request to Nginx+NodeJS, for example.
NodeJS will authorize on the webservis according to the 1C rules, and authorization on the NodeJS proxy can be done using an API token according to all REST-API rules.

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