Serge Sergio2015-07-19 18:44:15
Serge Sergio, 2015-07-19 18:44:15

1s: at what volumes does the need for 1s appear?

Tell me, at what sales volumes (pieces per day, per month, in dollars in rubles - it doesn’t matter) does the need for 1s appear?
Here I am making a website, there will be a lot of MB of goods and up to 100 thousand pieces (building materials) will come, so I think that maybe I don’t need it now, but in the future I will need this MB and again make some adjustments on the site, it’s better to take all this into account at the start!

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Serge Sergio, 2015-07-21

I understood the following:
1c and other automation tools are for convenience, but after that the next stage -> business process optimization, here of course for volumes of 10-20 orders per day (depending on the niche) you should already think about it.
Those who have a warehouse with standard volumes should immediately think about 1s
. White / gray accounting is also important
. For medium and small companies, automation is not so difficult and affordable.

Ivan Prilepsky, 2015-07-19

I would recommend buying immediately.
There are companies that do without 1C at all, and there are others who, having worked for half a year "on their knees", buy 1C and pay programmers for data transfer.
In general, it is a matter of convenience.

Yuri Goncharuk, 2015-07-20

1C is an automation tool. Invoices and invoices can also be printed from Excel, this is not a problem. The same 1C has a MEGA-configuration "Payment documents" for 600 rubles - just a document printer, there are not many analogues of 1C, for every taste.
But when you need, for example, to regularly monitor balances, debts, etc., and obtaining this information "manually" begins to take a lot of time and effort, then 1C or a similar solution is already needed.
At the same time, you need to understand that the selected accounting program has its own methodology, and at the initial level it is much cheaper to cost your accounting for the program than to immediately rush to change and refine everything in it.
In general, the sooner you start keeping automated records, the easier it will be in the future - at least there will be an initial basis for analysis and reports. But you don’t need to do automation for the sake of automation - use only those functions in the program that you need now - you can add additional analytics later.
Judging by the description, you need an accounting program right now - it is impossible to maintain such a list of items manually.

sim3x, 2015-07-19

It's about accountants and the dullness of accounting
Invest money first if you are not sure whether the store will take off is not worth it
The site and accounting should not be a single entity - otherwise, if the site is hacked, you will lose the company

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