designer232015-01-26 23:03:14
designer23, 2015-01-26 23:03:14

1c programmer what to learn?

Hello everyone, I started studying 1s programmer with Pavel Chistov. I want to know if anyone knows 1s and what do you recommend me? please don’t talk about courses and books too, I live in Azerbaijan in Ganja there are no courses here. And why hate 1c programmers? Please recommend video lessons for those people who are already programmers.

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Alexey, 2015-01-27

You can also watch the video tutorials by Evgeny Gilev and Farid Nasipov of the course "1C Programmer - Quick start to the profession" ( download ) or the course " Programming in 1C 8.3 - in 21 days ".( download )
It is worth noting that it is important for you to know the subject area first (accounting or trade). Programming, of course, is worth doing and knowing, for example, how to write processing, sculpt a form. But still, for the first time, you will not be asked to create a configuration from scratch, but most likely you will finish the existing configurations at the request of the customer. When communicating with a client, you will have misunderstandings about what you are asked to do. Here is what will help you with this (desirable minimum):
I hope you have a good franch in town, settling into which your duties will include something more than delivering boxes and installing updates.
If you start talking about 1C, then hard srach, flooding and trolling can begin. But still it is worth saying that a 1C programmer is not a programmer in most cases (exceptions are large franchises). Because his main job is to consult users, configure configuration and write modules / processing.

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