Sergey2014-11-20 10:06:13
Sergey, 2014-11-20 10:06:13

1C + MSSQL database backup, how?

I work as a system administrator. By the specifics of my work, I do not come into contact with 1C and MSSQL in any way, but the work of those who come into contact is constantly reflected in my salary.
Essence of the question:
My colleagues backup 1C databases - completely stopping all the work of the company.
That is, at a certain time, the work is slowed down. Everyone is kicked out of the base and the mystery of the backup begins.
I think that this is, firstly, not professional, and secondly, it harms business.
Clarify please. Is 1C really such a muck that you can’t even backup it to a “live” one? And if so, how? I would like to poke my colleagues in the nose and let them know that they are wrong.
We have 1C - 8.1
MSSQL - 2008

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oia, 2014-11-20

www.alta.ru/instructions/backup_mssql.php or use software with vss

Konstantin, 2014-11-20

as an option, a nightly full backup (or at a time of day when they are not working) and a backup of the transaction log many times a day

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