Slava422020-01-29 05:19:14
Slava42, 2020-01-29 05:19:14

1C integration with Wordpress site?

Good afternoon! please tell me, can any of you have encountered the problem of integrating 1c with a site of the following nature:
1C 8.3 edition 10.3 when setting up the exchange module, prices and availability of goods are not uploaded, the connection itself occurs via the http protocol, although the https protocol is installed on the domain, but when the connection is checked, the connection is confirmed only by http protocol. Could this have any effect?

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Konstantin, 2020-01-29

We look at the upload code ....
http or https is +1 one line

prices are not uploaded

look at what is being formed into a file, which is then loaded into a file

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