OlegTar2014-02-27 16:10:58
OlegTar, 2014-02-27 16:10:58

1C, Exchange plan, "Unknown recipient" error

They asked me to help with 1C "as a programmer". But I never worked with her. Please help.
So, there is a 1C enterprise.
In it, a service is opened-> exchange with Enterprise Accounting 8.2
, a certain window opens in which the "Perform exchange" button is pressed.
During the exchange, the following error is generated:
"Error when calling the context method (StartRecord): Unknown recipient
Technical information:
{Processing.ExchangeXMLData .ObjectModule(12118)}: Error calling context method (StartWrite): Unknown recipient"
I have no idea how to solve this at all. Never worked with 1C. Help, please, to solve a problem.

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Dmitry Kinash, 2014-04-28

To understand the essence of the problem, you need to see the base. But such an error can be caused if, while playing, add an extra exchange node (after which there were some changes in the data that was registered for sending), and then delete this node (or radically change its properties). In general, you need a 1C programmer who will look at the existing data registered for an unknown recipient and either clean it up or restore the recipient.

sharpshooter, 2014-02-27

I advise you not to start acquaintance with 1C with exchanges. These are not the simplest things, you can mess up so that the data will be lost, and the accountant will not be very happy.

Alexey, 2019-06-07

damn, same problem, still not solved?

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