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1C. How does it relate to it, and how to work with it?

I noticed that in the advertisements for the search for a person who is engaged in servicing the local network at small and medium-sized businesses (system, administrator, technician, enikey), the item "knowledge of 1C" began to appear frequently. Very vague wording. As far as I know, this is a set of accounting programs and databases. How does a technical specialist come into contact with them in the process of work, what is required of him? From which side do you take him? What can you read to at least begin to understand?

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Igor, 2016-08-10

If you want to be an ordinary administrator, then it’s enough to read the administration books included in the 1C kit, this will be enough for most tasks (server installation, deployment and transfer of databases, etc.)
If you delve deeply into 1C, then you won’t be able to fully combine it with administration

Konstantin Nagibovich, 2016-08-10

A technical specialist must be able to install, configure and maintain 1C. You can read the official admin guide 1C.

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