pierabelar2021-12-01 14:54:56
pierabelar, 2021-12-01 14:54:56

1C. Error creating addon. fields, how to fix?

Good afternoon,

I created additional fields in the directories and attached them to the form.
Everything is fine, but immediately began to write a mistake

{Catalog.Partners.Form.ElementForm.Form(404,20)}: Procedure or function with the specified name is not defined (Write)
ElementWritten = <<?>>Write(); (Check: Thin client)

Actually, already in the client (I have a thick client) - when entering the counterparty card, it writes the same error.
Please tell me how to fix it.61a76280cd16e403595328.jpeg61a7628a11926620874070.jpeg

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pierabelar, 2021-12-01

The solution, maybe it will help someone: The tick at the Object attribute has fallen off. The tick is the main prop.

Alexander, 2021-12-01

Yes Write() was the document extension method of the client application form. The main requisite on the form of the campaign was the object. And when he was gone - he does not understand what it means to write down ().

Konstantin Nagibovich, 2021-12-01

Where do you have the Write() function defined?

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