Vadim Timoshenko2019-08-22 16:46:30
Vadim Timoshenko, 2019-08-22 16:46:30

1C:Enterprise and wordpress integration where to start?

The experience of creating websites is not small. Often, some orders for the integration of the site with 1C Enterprise are spinning around me. But I never got around to doing it.
Now again there is an opportunity to take a job, but again 1C. Personal account with unloading clients, their stories, the possibility of making an appointment with doctors, etc. Moreover, some developer made them, according to the marketer, CRM on 1C for all this.
Question - where to start linking the site and 1C? I have never seen 1C and I don’t understand how to take it from there. Please direct me what documentation I need to read? What can you practice? Do I need to buy 1C? Or is there a developer version?

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tuxfighter, 2019-08-22

where to begin?

From prayer. sincere.

zakirovdamir, 2019-08-22

Outsource and take 15%

Marat_Kh, 2019-08-23

1C easily integrates with a web server. You raise IIS or Apache on the 1C server and publish the database there. It's easy, there are plenty of instructions. Next, you create a web service or http service in 1C, but here you already need to program. You can outsource, whoever wants it is full. Further, it is possible to outsource those who wish completely. using the odata protocol, you pull data from the 1C database.
In general, it is better to ask such questions at the infostart. There is a lot of information on this topic, a lot of connoisseurs

lebedovskiy, 2019-08-24

1 - once some developer made cms - try to understand what exactly was done there.
2 - Decide what exactly needs to be thrown and from where.
3 - if there is not much data, then read about the OData interface in 1s, deploy a web server and file requests to it. The interface works with json, supports post and get requests, automatically serializes / deserializes, everyone is happy (1 snick is not needed).
4 - if there are large amounts of data, then 1c web services will help (and here it makes sense to look for familiar 1sniks).
5 - smoke an infostart on the topic of integration with sites. Lots of information, as well as options. (optional, it mainly affects the 1st side)
6 - for training, google "1c: enterprise version for developers". I can give an example of some simple base.
Something like this, there will be questions - write, I can help from 1s.

Victor L, 2019-08-22

Decide what to upload where? Raise the REST API on Wordpress and write the terms of reference 1C to anyone how to work with it.

Radioka, 2019-08-23

I deal with just such tasks within the framework of WordPress and 1C, a lot of developments. In fact, not everything is as scary as they describe, but the main difficulties are filling out the nomenclature correctly, it seems to me that the 1c developers themselves do not fully understand this, especially in the last days) so if necessary, contact)

tseziy, 2019-08-23

I propose to try to jointly create a product, if you are interested, let's contact via Skype or messenger.

Ivperivm, 2019-08-24

In many 1c configurations, there are already unloading goods and loading orders, it remains to teach the site to read files with goods and create files with orders. For other objects, you can use the built-in Web interfaces in the configuration. To do this, the database must be published on a Web server.

Region102, 2019-08-24

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with my works, there are videos and sources https://nizamov.school/woocommerce-1s/

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