EugeneMArkov2022-03-04 12:16:49
EugeneMArkov, 2022-03-04 12:16:49

1c Bitrix integration with 1c UNF in Fresh orders come without a Name What settings are needed from the Bitrix side?

From Bitrix to UNF, the order comes normally. But in the name of the counterparty it says Not defined
In Bitrix, you must select the Type of payer (Legal entity or individual) They are entered
. Also, you need a user profile
When placing an order, I select the type of payer legal entity
Bitrix does not send data on the name of LLC

                    <Ид>3#1c_dev#  </Ид>

            <Представление></Представление>						</ЮридическийАдрес>				<Роль>Покупатель</Роль>

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Alexey Ukolov, 2016-04-22

The call ('article')is treated by js not as a function, but as the creation of an object of type String, into which the "framework" has nailed its methods.

// Расширяем стандартный объект:
String.prototype.foo = function () {console.log('Foo', arguments)};

// И вызываем метод на строке:

// Предыдущий вызов аналогичен этому:

This is easy to understand by reading the readme at the link :
Not to mention the fact that right in the repository to which you gave the link lies the motherfucking code of this "framework" !

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