Vadik Serebryansky2019-09-11 15:11:27
Vadik Serebryansky, 2019-09-11 15:11:27

Will Sandy Bridge Xeon run on 1600 RAM and B number?

Now i5 3570 is on Asus P8B75 with 2 sticks of 8 Gb 1600 MHz memory. Bought 1060, which asks for something more powerful than i5.
I want to buy Xeon E3, for example, E3 1240v2, but it will go with alik right up to October 14th. There is an E3 1230 on Avito - not ice, of course, but it should go at least until the upgrade is already complete.
Question: I have an ordinary civilian non-register operative with a frequency of 1600 MHz and a B chipset (unfortunately not Z or X) - will 1230 start on it at a frequency of 1600 MHz? And in general, what can happen when installing zeon into the system? I mean, will it work at some low frequency, will it not work at all, or can I raise the memory to 1866?

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MrFlatman, 2018-04-01

Что-то подобное, похожее это слайдетр tinycircleslider. А так и из тех слайдеров можно собрать подобный вариант
А так еще посмотри вот этот вариант

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