acronyx2015-10-05 14:33:16
acronyx, 2015-10-05 14:33:16

Will the processor performance and FPS in games drop if you output graphics via microHDMI from a laptop to a monitor?

Hello, my laptop is Asus Transformer Book TX300CA with Intel i5, there is only an integrated graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 4000, I want to connect the monitor via microHDMI, because. from 13 inches eyes get tired very quickly. The laptop is rather weak, and I wonder if there will be performance problems when working with the laptop?

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Nazar Mokrinsky, 2015-10-05

If you turn off the built-in display and the external one has the same resolution - the performance will be exactly the same, it does not depend on the output.

oni__ino, 2015-10-05

If the resolution is not the same on the monitor and laptop, then it is better to turn off the monitor on the laptop in the settings.
PS: In general, it will not take more than half an hour to check it, is it really difficult to check and see whether it has become slower to work or not.

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