FrostyFeet2022-04-14 19:07:23
FrostyFeet, 2022-04-14 19:07:23

Why is the RAM clogged at 100 percent?

Yesterday I was flipping through PDF documents through Microsoft Edge, the laptop went into a blue screen. After repeated restarts, the following problem appears: if you turn on some application after startup, after 10 minutes the RAM will be 100% clogged and the laptop starts to lag. This has never happened before. Laptop Asus Rog Strix Scar II, Windows 10 (installed all the updates that Windows offered me), 16 GB of RAM.

I assume that Windows does not clean up used memory, but I have no idea how to fix it.

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Drno, 2022-04-14

drweb cureit and Casper free check

kalapanga, 2022-04-14

There are often fans here who thoughtlessly dig deeper into the paging file settings, etc. If something was touched there, return it as it was.
It still looks like a virus. Check it out.

Dmitry, 2022-04-15

First of all, download ProcessExplorer and see the processes. Which clog memory, suspicious, etc. The standard Dispatcher will not show everything. And already dance from it.

Anton Shamanov, 2022-04-14

look at the logs, processes
Most likely viruses, I also do not exclude the curved software (Asus's "optimizers") or hardware (problems with the RAM controller)

Deezalir, 2022-04-17

Look at processes. There may be a virus, download an antivirus (Kaspersky, Norton 360, Dr.Web)

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