Ruslan Samara2019-11-21 09:29:41
Ruslan Samara, 2019-11-21 09:29:41

Where to download haspd files for ubuntu 16.04 x64?

Good day, I'm setting up a postgresql server, you need to install 3 haspd files for ubuntu 16.04 in deb format: haspd, haspd-modules and dkms-aksparlnx, they are usually downloaded from the etersoft website, but ftp is not available, more precisely, there are no files there, but those support doesn't answer anything. With ITS, the haspd assembly is not installed, writes Must be run as root, although I run the installation script via sudo or generally from root.
With the option from ITS hang up, they only have x32 driver, but I need x64.
Please share the files if possible.
I will be grateful for help.

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Alexander, 2019-11-21

so can sudo su -and then run?
I would also check the whole script ...
Usually on new versions of systems this is because the script uses old methods of checks. We need to fix the code and everything will be assembled.

CityCat4, 2019-11-21

writes Must be run as root,

Open the script in the editor, find this line and see what condition leads to this. And fix it.

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