uginx2017-06-26 16:01:17
uginx, 2017-06-26 16:01:17

What server configuration to choose for 1C programmers?

Need advice on server configuration for the programming/implementation team.
Active users 3-5 people.
Client bases 1C up to 50Gb (MS SQL).
We use several virtual machines (for tests/work/demonstrations), hyper-v
In mind, used SuperMicro SuperServer 6016T-U / 2 x Xeon E5620 / 48Gb
But I don’t know about disks at all.

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impulse107, 2017-07-06

Not enough information: 50 GB for one client base or for all? On this server virtual machines will be spinning?
Since the 1C-MSSQL bundle is used, the DBMS is demanding on the disk system (it must be fast) and RAM, and in general DBMSs do not like to share any computing resources with anyone. In a good way, before choosing a server configuration, you need to take performance measurements for the current one, and already see what is missing. The nature of the database load also greatly affects even a couple of users can load the server, or maybe 25 people and the load will be sluggish.
As for the choice of the server, the model you have given, using psychic abilities, may be enough at first, but there are no prospects in the future in the sense of an upgrade. Let's count 1 raid for the OS, 1 raid for the bases, 1 raid for the database logs, and you can raid or just a disk for temp, it turns out 8-9 sata connectors, in your case, the mother supports max 6, and in my case the total is 4 ... In principle, while you can combine the logs and the databases themselves and the pace of the database, fill in 1 raid, and add disks as needed. And then they look at the budget ...

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