Drovosek012022-03-25 23:28:31
Drovosek01, 2022-03-25 23:28:31

What is stored in macOS along the path /private/var/db/oah and how can I delete files from there?

A friend has a Mac on M1 and we were wondering how to remove all components of Adobe programs without reinstalling macOS.

In general, I found all the files and folders in the system that included the word "adobe" and deleted them, the only BUT - some files that included the word "adobe" were located along the path /private/var/db/oah and I there was no way to remove them from there.

macOS Monterey 12.3, Apple M1

A little googling this way hasn't turned up any results. I found only one page that said that in the / oah folders (but in other ways) the Rosetta 2 system stores its files

Actually what is stored along the path /private/var/db/oah and how to delete files from there?

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Drno, 2022-03-26

No need to remove them

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