Dmitry Timoshkin2022-04-21 23:36:12
Rechargeable batteries
Dmitry Timoshkin, 2022-04-21 23:36:12

What capacity battery should I buy for my laptop?

what capacity should I buy a battery so that my laptop can work from it for at least 8 hours. I want to use only the battery, no UPS.
My laptop model is GT70 0ND, power supply is 180 watts. You can see the
characteristics of the laptop here The laptop is not for games, only office documents, movies and the Internet. Here is a list of batteries to choose from

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Alan Gibizov, 2022-04-22

1. Laptop power supply from the power supply is typical 19-20v.
2. Regular battery 7800 mAh 87 Wh, 9 cells. It's probably 3s3p, i.e. 3 in series and 3 such chains in parallel. 11-12v 7.8Ah
This is enough for 2.7 hours maximum when watching a movie at a not too high screen brightness.
Thus, you need two more of the same to the regular battery.
At the same time, it is not good to discharge lead batteries below 50%, especially cyclically. Those. you need at least a 4-fold analog of a regular battery, i.e. 12v 32Ah.
It's about something like this .
You also need to understand that charging such a battery at 60% discharge will be long - according to the documentation, a day is at least, the initial current is not more than 6A, and preferably 3A. Those. for good, you need 2 of these batteries (one in operation, the other on charge) and a good smart charger for such batteries.
Plus a good 12/20v boost converter.
Or batteries for 24V at 16 Ah and step-down.
Frankly, all this together is a big, big crap. Do you need it?

Oleg, 2022-04-21

All the batteries that I see on the link will not last more than half an hour.
The purpose of a household UPS is to give time to save work.
the 60 watt bulb powered by the UPS burns for 45 to 60 minutes.
And how did you want to connect it to the laptop?
Instead of a power supply or instead of a regular battery? Voltage and current!!!
99% sure they won't fit.

Drno, 2022-04-22


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