eZzZz2012-12-01 23:26:22
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eZzZz, 2012-12-01 23:26:22

APC Back-UPS CS 475 UPS + car battery?

Hello Khabravchan!
The question arose, there is a subject with a dead battery (Original RBC-2, 12V x 7.5A / h), you need to make friends with a car battery (65A / h) with UPS.
I read a bunch of forums and so on. Opinions are completely different. From what I found, the following conclusions and questions arose:
1) Unsolder the tweeter (so as not to be touched by the brain)
2) The internal charger is not able to pump up a car battery.
3) If powered by external charging, how to turn off the internal one so that it does not burn out?
4) How to make the charger compatible with the internal circuit so that it does not overcharge (if such a mechanism is completely absent in the standard car charger)?
5) You need good cooling, because. during continuous operation (it is planned <= 1 hour, or even more) at full power (it is planned to squeeze out at least 300W of pure power), the internal intestines will inevitably warm up.
6) see point 5, two flow coolers, auto-switch-on system when the temperature of the transistor and transformer radiators is exceeded
7) perhaps the most important point is how to disable automatic shutdown after N minutes hand of a powerful PSU or battery)
8) All sorts of whistles, such as an LED strip bar as a charge / work indicator or the cheapest indicator .
9) Other.
Thank you.

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eZzZz, 2012-12-02

At the expense of tar :)
1) At the expense of automatic charge, it’s understandable, I just read it - acidists don’t like recharging.
2) This is not a problem, the system can be placed on a balcony where the ventilation is good.
3) Yes, one cannot but agree with this, but no one will buy such rubbish :) and besides, low-budget implementation is very important.
At the expense of answers:
3) Using a soldering iron, following the scheme ... - a good answer, only the scheme is not googled. Found for 350 and 500, but not 475.
5) What exactly is expensive? I'm not going to build a system with refrigerants :) And a couple of input-output coolers - there will already be a reserve for the heat sink, no?
6) Thanks for the advice, I have already started thinking about atmega + temp. maxim sensors...
7) I can’t agree with you here, it’s been noticed that some UPSs, such as the Green Line series, are specially turned off so as not to kill the battery, although the battery was alive and was discharged by 30% in 10 minutes of powering a 60W light bulb,

Atxmega, 2012-12-02

Install the battery from the car and don't think about anything. When I don’t have electricity, such a scheme feeds the boiler ...

Atxmega, 2012-12-02

And why do you need another charge, let the internal charge, for a long time the truth. And if you charge with an external charger, then a pair of Schottky diodes will completely turn off the internal one.

howeal, 2012-12-02

Regarding point 7. I have the same UPS, but with an index of 350.
If you connect a small load (around 50W) to this UPS, then when running on battery power, it will turn off after 15 minutes due to the energy saving mode.
To disable this mode, you must first turn on the UPS from the battery and only then connect it to 220V. This must be done every time after manually shutting down the UPS with the button.
ps Energy-saving mode is available only in models with a momentary power button.

Alexey Kuzmin, 2012-12-06

Regarding point 4 - connect a relay to native charging, which will turn on / off external charging.
Item 7 - reflash the brains, for this, in addition to the programmer (a fairly simple thing, soldered in two hours, if there is at least a little experience), you will need the source codes of the firmware with a description - it is problematic to find, well, or by the method proposed by howeal .
And regarding the connection of the battery with the UPS - the idea makes sense if the situation is such that there is a certain room without people inside, in which some very critical equipment is located, which must be powered for a day in the event of a power failure. 1- When charging, the battery emits a rather poisonous gas. 2 - The battery is very bad at deep discharge.

uzr, 2015-03-20

The question is.
Can I connect the UPS (without battery) to the battery that is in the car and is charged from it (the car is on, to charge the battery).
Explanations: I don’t want to buy an inverter, but the task is to launch a 250 W airbrush, because. There are no outlets nearby. Oops at 500 v/a.
Because of one time, I don’t really want to spend money on an inverter.
1. How dangerous is it for Oops?
2. How dangerous is it for a car?

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