AlexStartsev2017-04-13 12:46:13
AlexStartsev, 2017-04-13 12:46:13

What are the current TODO plugins for Sublime Text 3?

I want a good TODO plugin for Sublime Text 3 to be able to find TODO in code and be easy to use. Do not tell me?

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Ivanq, 2018-04-07

1 code 2 code In the 1st example, the value is sent under the name , in the second - . UPDTLDR _

var a = "name";

{a: 1}; // ключ a
{"a": 1}; // ключ a
{[a]: 1}; // ключ name

The point is that the syntax {name: value}is to create a property "name"with a value of value. The quotes are optional, for example, they can be useful if the name contains special characters that, without quotes, will be treated as control constructs (for example, if, dot, etc.)
To take a name from a variable, the syntax is used {[var]: value}.
In short, it [var]is not a string or something that can be written without quotes, so it evaluates [var]as an expression. [var]- definition of an array with an element var. Since the key of an object in JavaScript is always a string (yes, arrays actually have string indices), it is [var]converted to a string, which is the same as var.toString()(convert the value itself to a string).

Dmitry, 2018-04-07

Good afternoon.
In the first case, you have the 'fioField' index in the POST array. In
the second case, the index name will have the currentId value.
So check not $_POST["fioField"], but $_POST["value_currentId"]

PinocioCORP, 2018-05-16

Necroposting I will do, because the question is still relevant, because I am a slave of habits.

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