GiogoGrand2022-04-02 15:07:33
GiogoGrand, 2022-04-02 15:07:33

Verifying DMI pool data?

When the computer boots, the specified error is displayed. That is, it does not reach the loading of the operating system. I tried a lot of things, and reset the BIOS settings, and reconnected the screw and disconnected the screw, and tried to load the OS installer via a USB flash drive. And there seems to be no visual damage, but I absolutely cannot understand what is wrong with him. If anyone can help (now there is no way to contact the service), I will be grateful. You can write to the cart, then I'll throw off the report here as a solution to the problem link . Here is a snapshot of this errorQD76VJW

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Drno, 2022-04-02

What's the next error? give a photo of what is on the screen

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