Timur Mammadov2022-04-11 23:09:18
Timur Mammadov, 2022-04-11 23:09:18

The laptop turns off by itself, what should I do?

Some crazy stuff has been happening lately!
This probably happened after updating the BIOS , I just turned on the laptop, and my BIOS
update began. In general, the technique began to live its own life!
The laptop can turn off by itself at any time!
That is, for example, you are doing your own thing, and then on the whole screen there is a HUGE SIGN " Lock "
and that's it, it just goes into hibernation!
In addition to my grief, Windows began to mock me to the fullest, it can also give me a blue screen of death at any time with a VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL error

I don’t know what to do, I updated the drivers, checked the laptop for viruses, reset the power settings in the control panel, checked the BIOS,
nothing helps ((

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grek_cheburek, 2022-04-12

I, on lenovo g550, had such a problem.
1. CPU overheating, or dusty, or thermal paste issues.
2. The cables inside the laptop itself may be broken
. 3. The battery on the board is dead.
My cpu was overheating. I took it to the service and they cleaned it.

rPman, 2022-04-12

turned on the laptop and my BIOS update started
How do you know the BIOS is being updated?
bios interface or windows?
Usually the BIOS does not update itself, this is not normal!
конечно я понимаю что такая возможность у производителя существует и какие от этого могут быть последствия, но делать это выборочно для единиц техники смысла нет

the first thing you can try in this case is to roll back the bios or manually update it to the latest version so as not to bother with disassemblies, was this incident what it seemed or is it a form of virus / trojan
, for this look at the version of the bios in it, then go to the site manufacturer of the laptop (or motherboard) and download the BIOS of the previous or latest version, experiment
and, of course, carry out typical system recovery steps, go through the antivirus program then under the administrator sfc / scannow

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