Marshall_s2022-02-09 07:23:30
Marshall_s, 2022-02-09 07:23:30

Macbook Air 2020 does not see a flash drive, how to fix it?

there is a macbook air 2020 and a DataTraveler 80 USB Flash Drive. The Macbook is relatively new, I have been using it for about two months, for the first time I decided to connect a USB flash drive, connected a new USB flash drive, opened it in the Finder, everything was ok, then removed it "incorrectly" - just pulling it out of the laptop, without removing the device in the system. A notification was displayed saying "You removed the device incorrectly! ..." Yes, my cant. I connected the flash drive again - the laptop does not see it, I connected this flash drive to the phone, it opened, everything is ok. I thought okay, maybe this flash drive needs to be formatted, unpacked the second new exactly the same flash drive, plugged it in - the laptop doesn’t see it either, tried it in both connectors, tried rebooting, turning off the laptop, tried opening the flash drive in Disk Utility, but it’s not there in list, that is, even treating it from the laptop does not work,

I took these flash drives to a friend, he had exactly the same poppy, with such characteristics, they took it at the same time in one place, version macOs Monterey 12.2, connected it to his laptop, his laptop immediately recognized the flash drives, formatted it in FAT and treated it with disk utility, everything OK, flash drives work. I returned to my laptop, plugged it in - nothing at all, these flash drives are not displayed anywhere, I decided to update macOs to Monterey 12.2, the update got up smoothly, but the flash drive does not see

The ports in my laptop are working, since charging goes without problems, it feels like because I removed the USB flash drive incorrectly for the first time, something broke in the system and updating to a new version of macOs did not fix it, resetting to factory settings is very I don’t want to, because a lot of things are already set up for work. Maybe someone faced a similar problem, how to solve it?

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Puma Thailand, 2022-02-09

So you need to take the third flash drive and check on it

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