equinox72013-01-17 13:50:49
equinox7, 2013-01-17 13:50:49

Mac OS Dual Panel File Manager

Suggest the most convenient file manager for Mac OS, with built-in editor and file viewer, FTP.

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DevMan, 2013-01-17

Better ForkLift did not meet.

Agent_Smith, 2013-01-17

brew install mc

silvansky, 2013-01-17

Moroshka, Midnight Commander. Personally, I prefer the second one.

Sergey Petrikov, 2013-01-17

I like Path Finder.

SAKRIST, 2013-01-17

I don't use it, but maybe TotalFinder

brevis, 2013-01-17

There is also XtraFinder .

deleteduser003, 2013-01-17

Of course, there is no the most optimal and satisfying the needs of all those gathered here.
From myself I can advise Midnight Commander and TotalFinder .

Trol73, 2014-10-24

muCommander - IMHO, the best file manager for Mac. But, unfortunately, it is abandoned and has not been supported for several years.trolCommander is a more modern fork with improvements and bug fixes, sharpened primarily for Mac.

Migun, 2016-06-13

It makes sense to look at Nimble Commander (formerly called Files) - nimble and keyboard-oriented.

WEBIVAN, 2013-01-17

I tried many managers for Mac, I did not find anything better than Disk Order .
True, it is paid, but if you wish, it is not a problem to find a treated version.

silvansky, 2013-01-17

There is also Transmit - quite suitable for simple tasks.

bobkov, 2013-11-16

I will say this. My problem, transferring a large library of iPhoto photos from a Time Capsule to a waffle, was solved by only one FM - muСommander .
Copies files without a long preliminary analysis, shows the data transfer rate (in a graph), you can set a speed limit.

maxim-p, 2015-11-26

Commander One PRO - a penny manager with excellent functionality, hot keys like the total commander.
I use it for copying files, understandable work - and does not cut files like many others.

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