devaldor2022-04-06 00:43:58
devaldor, 2022-04-06 00:43:58

Is there an alternative to Microsoft RD Client on Mac?

To work from your poppy, you have to connect to several windows machines. Using the Microsoft client is inconvenient, because it lacks the ability to switch between machines using tabs.
I can’t install my software on machines, so all sorts of TeamViewer and AnyDesk won’t work.
I found Remote Desktop Manager, but it often crashes, then it takes a long time to start on a completely live beech.
In general, you need a tabbed RDP client for Mac. Are there such options?

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Igor Makhov, 2022-04-06

You can take a separate machine, put guacamole on it and sit from the browser

Vasily Bannikov, 2022-04-06


okolosov, 2022-04-06

Try Getscreen, it supports both Windows and Mac.

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