solohax2022-04-22 02:31:44
solohax, 2022-04-22 02:31:44

Is it possible to limit the consumption of RAM for an application on Android?

in tg there is a pack of stickers that break the phone and the tab in the browser (they eat up all the RAM), but the problem is that you can’t even open a set of stickers - tg immediately crashes, that’s the question: is it possible to do it as standard or with the help of third-party software tightly limit the consumption of telegram operatives on android?

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rPman, 2022-04-22

where does the android when it comes to the browser?
if the telegram client itself crashes, then you need to write in support of telegrams,
well, it’s logical, just don’t open this pack of stickers
and catch up, install an alternative client, and also if this pack interferes, delete it from the desktop client, there is more memory

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