Arseniy2022-04-08 21:02:34
Arseniy, 2022-04-08 21:02:34

Is it possible to install macos big sur on macbook pro 13 mid 2012?

In the app store, it says support is available, but when downloading the update, it says: update not found, requested macos is not available

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nsnoob, 2022-04-08

Arseniy, even if it comes, the update will not be worth it. BigSur is still on a newer architecture. From my comments after the last 3 months: rare friezes were observed, the battery was consumed faster, the reboot was long, the cooler began to make noise more often on applications that had not previously caused such a reaction. MacBook Pro 13 2015 16GB i5. The conclusion is deeply subjective, I upgraded to Bigsur a couple of times and each time rolled back to stable Catalina

Nick Nois, 2022-04-14

Only through third-party patches, there is an article in it that talks about Mojave but the same principle applies to big sur.

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