Yuzhaninay2022-04-06 09:02:30
Yuzhaninay, 2022-04-06 09:02:30

Is C++ used to write programs on MacOS?

The question arose about learning C ++ (how deep is a separate question). Reason: required for work, but the profile is not it. There is "a certain base in programming": in school years I studied Pascal, Delphi; later picked JS and Python; Lately I've been using VBA. To study, I plan to make a couple of pet projects for personal needs: financial accounting, engineering calculations.
Home computer with Macos.

I would like to receive recommendations.
What "IDE" to use?
How realistic is it to use C++ on Macos?
Are there any study materials you would recommend?

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Adamos, 2022-04-06

You can use C++ on any system, but:
1. You need to know C++. Googled and in production - will not work. It will quickly get stuck in a deep misunderstanding of the errors that the compiler pours.
2. C++ is neither fast nor flexible (the program needs to be seriously written, compiled and debugged, and so on for any change). For form-slapping, where optimal use of resources is not really required, it is completely redundant.
3. There are alternatives. And Python will have guis, and some kind of Electron, at worst. It makes sense to study them and not to fence.
Total: I sincerely believe that you don't need C++. Nothing good will come of it.

Alexander Ananiev, 2022-04-06

For example, you can do this
If you write code using Qt , then of course it is better to use Qt Creator

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