Zhbert2012-06-22 17:12:08
Zhbert, 2012-06-22 17:12:08

iMac - is it worth it?

I don’t like to write a question in one line, so I’ll write it in detail, so that it’s interesting to read and it’s nice to answer.
Lately, I've been drawn to Apple. It started after a fairly long time spent compiling the Gentoo kernel, a couple of attempts to build LFS, etc. etc. Probably, he wanted "stability" and "just to work."
And it just so happened that at work we had the opportunity to order new computers. And I thought, why not? I’ll order the simplest iMac for myself (they will raise a punishing glance at the bigger bosses and send them to hell, because in their concept a computer is a monitor, and they sincerely don’t understand why it can cost under 100k)
And immediately a couple of questions arose for inveterate poppy drivers, to which I hope you will give a full answer =)
So, let's begin.
1. For work, I will most of all need AutoCAD, but since “there is no money” and “here's another, buy such an expensive thing”, we all have it pirated. On rutracker I found autocad for poppy. The question is this - is it difficult to put pirated cracked software on a poppy? Or is it like in Windows?
2. As far as I remember, there is also a version of VirtualBox for poppy, i.e. in extreme cases, I can do as I did in a working ubunt - a virtual machine, XP in it, Acad in it?
3. Is there any free software for Mac? Or is it all just for money in the AppStore (opponents of poppies say exactly this)
And finally - do you think it's worth it?

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bad_guy, 2012-06-22

1-Same, and sometimes easier.
For example, Photoshop quacked, generating a key file and editing hosts.
2-Yes, everything will rest only on performance.
From under Windows, I flashed the player from Vogue and glued panoramas.
3-Yes, but depending on which one. It may not be specific.

knekrasov, 2012-06-23

As for "it just worked".
Bought an iMac for my fiancee. This miracle of technology worked for 3 weeks and broke. Moreover, if it were Linux, it would be Kernel Panic with at least some sane information, or BSOD in the case of Windows. In the case of a poppy, it's just a white screen. Because it just broke.
As it turned out after the evening of proceedings (and this, by the way, was on the eve of the bride's birthday), it turned out that the bluetooth module was covered. Taking into account the fact that the keyboard and mouse are wireless, the system has become deaf-blind. Even when wired devices were connected, the system “hung” in white screen mode for about 15 minutes (apparently trying in vain to initialize bluetooth).
Yes, the computer was taken back to re:Store and left for examination (for 45 days). But the myth about build quality and “it just works” is really just a myth. Marketing and business, nothing personal. He is not worth his money.
True, there is another case - I bought myself a MacBook for business trips. Dropped it twice on the tiled floor - still serves. In what case and who was lucky is the question.

v1skas, 2012-06-22

AutoCAD cooes perfectly not only on iMac, but even on MBA 2011.
Better not VirtualBox, but VMware Fusion. Much friendlier than VirtualBox.
There is a lot of free software, a lot of cracked software with limited functionality, which is enough for the eyes.
And yes, it's worth it.

v1skas, 2012-06-22

As for the iMac, it's better to wait for the new model, 2012. Should be in the summer. A video card would be better.

ratkke, 2012-06-22

1. Most often, you just need to download and move it to the "programs" folder.
2. As the previous speaker has already said, VMware Fusion is still more relevant.
3. There are free programs, and there are quite a decent number of them. Moreover, no one has canceled torrents yet (another thing is the moral side of the issue, but not about that now). If you do not have enough power of the rutracker, I can throw an invite to Brokenstons (the best tracker for Mac software).

kuzemchik, 2012-06-22

I have an iMac 27 late 2010 at home, I've been happy as an elephant for two years now. I never regretted it, as well as with other apple technology (although I’m lying, I had to change 3gs under warranty, a broken pixel, but everything was decided there kindly, replacing it with 4-ku since the store didn’t have 3gs in stock).
I unsubscribed above that Parallels is much better than VMware both in terms of performance and integration. If you need AutoCAD, you can pretend to be a student and register at student.autodesk.com. There you can download and get a key for a student license, I periodically go to download to see if it is possible to work with native style on a poppy, without a virtual machine. Alas, for the time being, it’s rather impossible, it’s very raw, and AutoCAD and maya didn’t work much with other products.

TipTop, 2012-06-22

Of course it's worth it, but you should immediately think about the wired Apple keyboard. IMHO, the standard iMac is ill-suited for work.
About a month ago I took home the 813th, before that, in the citylink configurator, I assembled an ordinary “box + monitor” computer on the same hardware as in a poppy: the difference in cost turned out to be insignificant. You can try to argue with this (just check first - I took my poppy just before the dollar flew off into the unknown distances).
Also, it is worth considering that at first, small differences will be very unusual, but this quickly passes. The only thing I do not recommend installing is VirtualBox: in OS X it looks very alien and it is inconvenient to work in it. If it’s not a problem to sit alternately on Mac OS and Windows on different computers, then it’s extremely difficult not to get confused within the same computer. Parallels Desktop is much more suitable for simultaneous work in two operating systems.

SAKRIST, 2012-06-22

interesting post, may give a

diesmal, 2012-06-22

1. video about installing a cracked AutoCAD , I don’t see any problems, although as a developer I don’t approve of piracy.
2. you can do it this way, I didn’t notice any problems in the work of VirtualBox under a poppy.
3. There is free software, you can install, at least for now, not only from the AppStore, but there are many free and cheap applications in the AppStore.
Well, is it worth it is a personal matter for everyone, for myself I can say that it is worth it.

Zhbert, 2012-06-22

I also do not approve of piracy, but at work, not everything depends on me.
Thank you.

Konstantin Birzhakov, 2012-06-23

I have been working on iMac for more than a year: design, layout, programming.
The parallel with win-7 is terribly slow for me, it's impossible to work. I launch it only for the sake of Corel, from there I immediately export to ai and close it as soon as possible.
The keyboard is only wired long, it is very inconvenient to work on a short one.
The mouse is just fantastic. It's like an extension of the hand.
For all the time the computer never hung, any of the programs hung twice, I don’t remember what.
I started layout in Xerox Ventura under DOS, and got to Mac only a little over a year ago. Now I'm a fan of the bitten apple. I am sure you will not be disappointed with this technique.
Good luck with your work!

phasma, 2012-06-23

AutoCAD and ArchiCAD work. Infa 100%. If there is a cracked one on the root tracker, then most likely it will work in the same way as a license. There are usually no problems with software, unless it is something highly specialized, written by students in Delphi for free.
In general, a pleasant thing. Little Snitch + a couple of Safari settings + installation password and you can forget about the panic of Kaspersky and other web about viruses. Once you get used to it, you are unlikely to return back to Windows.

Alexander Knyazev, 2012-06-23

I use a 27" aimak, lots of software, including free software. There are many virtual machines, for every taste, they work... hmm, I have XP in parallel, it flies, even games. very cheap (+ two 4 gig sticks - 2.5 thousand), installed in an aimak in 2 minutes, a service center is not needed.

Evgeny Elizarov, 2012-06-24

Himself a gentushnik, but for poppies for 5 years already. One does not interfere with the other in any way :)

GegSpb, 2014-04-06

For 7 years I sat on Linux - Ubuntu, OpenSuse, until I ran into the problem of converting NEF files (Nikon digital negative format) to JPG, Linux has many different converters that allow you to quickly convert a large group of files at a time. But one of them could not come close to Nikon's native ViewNx2 converter, no matter how I played with the settings, no one could come close to the quality obtained in the native windows converter. The converter is made for Windows and poppy, I had to crawl to poppy.
As a former Linux user, not very happy with the transition, too many awkward moments, the whole story of my ordeals can be read here gegsite.com/index.php/111-khakintosh

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