Ilgiz2010-09-03 19:10:05
Ilgiz, 2010-09-03 19:10:05

How to stop reading Habr?

Recently, I have been sitting on Habr very often, constantly updating pages and monitoring karma and rating :( Even at night, when I go to the toilet, I turn on the computer and climb on Habra. What should I do?

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JIesnik, 2010-09-03

Add line to /etc/hosts

prefer, 2010-09-03

Get a girl

crea7or, 2010-09-03

What is there to read? One topic out of 50 is interesting. The rest is copy-paste news and all sorts of nonsense about “how MTS / Magafon / Beeline swindled me”, dozens of boring and not interesting press releases, and a lot of dumb humor lately.

iDenfnatic, 2010-09-03

start drinking :)

iGLaX6, 2010-09-03

it is impossible to stop reading habr

Unknown007, 2010-09-03

Oh ... Forgive me for being frank, but the tag “toilet” turned out to be very relevant in my case, I’m currently reading from there. And it’s not that I suffer from habradependence, and it’s not that I often use a laptop in this place - this is the first time.
It just happened...

transcend, 2010-09-03

Tell me what you need so that I can ask a question in Q&A?

Dima Shishkin, 2010-09-04

The most radical options:
1. Get an IP ban.
2. Go to the army
3. Go to jail.
4. Go missing.
5. Shoot yourself eventually...

Nicolette, 2010-09-03

Drink less at night? :-)

Alexander, 2010-09-03

Alternatively, start sitting Vkontakte)

maashaa, 2010-09-03

Reminds me of a simple truth. It’s easy to put a plus sign, and someone will sleep better and become a little happier. And thank you to say, and you need to smile more often. :-)

inse3t, 2010-09-03

In general, there is only one answer - to do something more useful for yourself. For example sports.

Novikov, 2010-09-05

Find a sadistic nymphomaniac girlfriend. To work by the method of stick and carrot.

EvilX, 2010-09-03

Change jobs so that you have less free time. + get married.

StrangeAttractor, 2010-09-03

I scored habrahabr.ru/new (and at the same time, OpenNet.ru and other such sites that I constantly read) in Google Reader. Now I don’t read everything that appears on the pages, but only very selectively by headings. I immediately began to devote much less time to this occupation. I rarely go to the sites themselves.

habradem, 2010-09-03

1) block the site
2) reset karma
3) try to limit it to 20 minutes

Aquahawk, 2010-09-05

Damn, I just read the question as: “How to re-read the whole habr?” I think if you re-read the whole then the desire to read it will disappear.

darzet, 2010-09-03

Why? =) I like it.

transcend, 2010-09-03

The computer variant was offered by JIesnik
The life variant was suggested by EvilX
My variant is if you like reading so much, read books!

ElysiumDoyle, 2010-09-03

Deal with karma like me. Very stupid, but it helped me.

Shablonarium, 2010-09-03

don't worry, it will go away on its own in time

jaunty, 2010-09-03

1. Stop suffering from bullshit at work and start working
2. Find another remote job
If step 2 does not help, repeat until the only desire at home after eating will not sleep.
I'm writing from a netbook in the toilet...

artemeas, 2010-09-03

hm. apparently it’s contagious, I just caught myself thinking that I’m constantly updating my profile to see if the minus has become bigger =))

MaD5py, 2010-09-04

Today you read habr, and tomorrow you read habr. And why deny yourself the pleasure?

Anton Melnikov, 2010-09-04

I'm thinking of buying Xbox 360 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

xn__p2a, 2010-09-05

It reminds me of something…
— Hello, my name is Ilgiz, and I am a habroman.
- Hello Ilgiz [everyone applauds].

Urn, 2010-09-05

In Soviet Russia HABR READS YOU!

dnv777, 2011-05-21

a familiar situation, but with the iPad it’s easier, you don’t need to turn on the computer, I think over time this addiction will pass, like many other similar hobbies, and you will come in as needed
one of the solutions that I used against youtube.com
to add to the hosts file at% SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ line habrahabr.ru

Yuri, 2011-06-05

- Stop posting comments. Especially witty.
- Find an interesting but useful activity - study an interesting topic at work or, say, learn a language. You can try to freelance (if this is not the main job, of course;), interesting and useful.
- Enter interesting articles in a special list, bookmarks, or I use the Save-to-read extension for Firefox to read not during the day, but once a day or on weekends.

Artemzr, 2010-09-03

Reading habr is more useful than, for example, drinking beer or playing online rpgshki ...
Maybe you should just do it less often, and not completely limit reading.

inse3t, 2010-09-03

Karma probably...

jackxxl, 2010-09-03

Judging by the first answer options, it's time to do a poll "Is the habrauser married?"

middle, 2010-09-04

Read about it in our next book "How to Stop Reading Habr and Start Living" :)

Beloks, 2010-09-04

Come to us. Let's find a girl, have a drink ... think about life

Urn, 2010-09-05

ask the creators to personally ban

adomer, 2010-09-16

It helped a lot to put the habr in google reader into a folder with other similar resources, such as slashdot, and read only from there, I automatically look through everything, and stop only at the MOST interesting, because of the large amount of information. Thus, he reduced the reading time of Habr by about 70%. On top of that, it's quite amusing to watch the news-translations being delayed. By the way, yes, getting married does not help.

zavg, 2010-12-05

Good luck trolling!

gonzazoid, 2010-12-05

club of anonymous habragolics.

Compazavr, 2011-02-02

Press Alt+F4 right now.
A very efficient way.

Dimonich, 2010-09-03

It's not needed

@netrider, 2010-09-03

It doesn’t bother me to read habr, I don’t read it much, since there are topics of little interest to me here

Konstantin Komarov, 2010-09-04

The first option: Become smarter than everyone who also sits and writes here :) then the interest itself will disappear. There will be nothing to read.
The second option: cheat to start to feel sick.

Denis Radchenko, 2010-09-04

I will ban at work using iptables, it worked with Vkontakte. Let's look at Habr's account

usr, 2010-09-04

You just need to lower the karma below zero: the ability to vote for posts and comments will disappear, and this, in turn, will affect the number of visits.

xn__p2a, 2010-09-05

Found where to ask.
Those who managed to get involved with Habr will no longer be able to answer this question for you here.
Only those who do not know how to tie up with the Habr remained here, i.e. no one here is going to help you.

torsion, 2010-09-09

Install parental control in the antivirus and generate a password for it.

tibalt, 2010-09-09

Only one thing helped me - I began to do an interesting project, there was almost no free time left. as a result, I set up a habralent and read only it.

lfway, 2010-09-27

Remove from bookmarks. The contemplation of the bookmark, as it were, constantly reminds: "click me."

Zakharov Alexander, 2010-11-05

Start working backwards and try to write a good article yourself. You will find out a lot of interesting things.

OlegTar, 2010-12-05

Start something good programming, and be sure to achieve the goal!
and people will be fine and you.
And then you can put it on Habr ;-).
PS Well, then, programming again!

L0NGMAN, 2011-01-12

From the diary of a habrauser: “I read, wrote, minus ... Romance ..” :))

savados, 2011-01-19

It is necessary to read Habr a lot, at an accelerated pace. Do not eat, do not sleep, do not work, do not communicate with anyone. Only Habr. Do not be distracted in any way. Set a goal for yourself: check your karma every five seconds. Do not look around, only at the screen, before the pain in the eyes (and after, too). The background can include Beethoven's 9th symphony. Continue until exhaustion.
Several sessions may be needed.

Sergey, 2011-02-07

Just as smoking is treated with nicotine patches, try, for example, two captchas.

Aryeh Leonid R., 2011-02-23

give birth to 5-6 children ...

Gibbzy, 2011-05-23

A button is needed on the hub:
“I admit that I am a habra-dependent karmodrocher, please ban me forever”

jeka1202, 2011-06-06

I made it easier, asked the admin in the office to close access to habr ...
But damn it, I became interested in bypassing this restriction)) I actually bypassed it)) That's what habr brought me to!)

AlexVrag, 2011-06-06

Play world of tanks and you will be happy.

GANGTA, 2011-06-15

Find the button "Banned HabraHabr?" and you can only do it once :)

delaf, 2011-11-26

Set a goal and start achieving it.
Then there won’t be as much time to watch fun as before…

MicRaiS, 2012-08-13

play wow

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