WSGlebKavash2022-04-01 18:25:05
WSGlebKavash, 2022-04-01 18:25:05

How to sign out of Azure AD without pain?

I have a PC that is in a hybrid Microsoft Azure Active Directory domain (AzureAD Connect federated domain). However, the computer at the facility cannot communicate stably with Microsoft servers, and therefore the decision was made to move it out of the domain. However, this procedure requires the creation of a local administrator account. Since such an account will be new, the user profile will also be new. The user has data in the old profile that needs to be retained.
How do I sign out of an AzureAD domain and keep all my data? How to transfer data to a new profile?

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Drno, 2022-04-01

There was a question on the toaster, about transferring all user parameters to a new account, look,
but in general - you can just copy the user data ... if there are no unusual settings

Roman Bezrukov, 2022-04-01

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