JTester2022-04-20 11:09:06
JTester, 2022-04-20 11:09:06

How to reset password?

Hello! How to reset password on win 7? More accurate information is possible. Command line fails

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Zzzz9, 2022-04-20

Command line fails

what command that writes?

Drno, 2022-04-20

Specify the problem. Do you have access to the admin user?
What zanchit does not work on the command line. That writes? What is he swearing at?
Log in to Windows as a user with administrator rights
Go to control panel>accounts. There you can change the password
Either through PC management - local users
If you don’t log in to the system - on any liveCD (you can take it for example on rutracker) there are programs to reset the admin password

Alexander, 2022-04-20

Perhaps this will help.

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