AntVlad2022-04-08 20:12:32
AntVlad, 2022-04-08 20:12:32

How to make a bootable Windows flash drive in Linux Mint?

You need to make a USB flash drive with Visible installed on it in order to boot from a USB flash drive without installing it on your hard drive. And then all the programs for Windows. I just want to tinker with 1C, but I don’t install it on Mint, but I’m afraid my weak laptop won’t work to make a virtual machine.

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Sanes, 2022-04-08

Try with dd. At least the Windows UltraISO writes in this way and quite successfully.

Alexander Kalinin, 2022-04-08

if you have UEFI, format the flash drive to FAT32 and just copy the files from the image into it.

SOTVM, 2022-04-09


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