Roman Bolshukhin2022-04-13 13:55:49
Roman Bolshukhin, 2022-04-13 13:55:49

How to install your certificate when connecting via RDP for Windows 11?

Hello. How to install my certificate (issued for the subdomain on which the windows 11 computer lives) when connecting via RDP for Windows 11? The certificate is initially in pem (cert.pem , privetekey.pem , chain.pem).


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Andrey Barbolin, 2022-04-13

All the same, it will swear at the certificate, tk. the RDP port is 3389, while https uses 443. A certificate on a non-standard port (443) requires that this non-standard port be specified in the certificate.
To remove the message about the certificate, you must click Show Certificate and check the box "Always Trust".

CityCat4, 2022-04-14

For RDP to work, Windows stupidly generates a self-signed certificate and there is no way to convince it not to do this. There are manuals where it is written that if there is a certificate in the computer storage that was issued according to a template prescribed in a certain policy - Windows does not do this, but I could not repeat it - despite the presence of this certificate, Windows puts an enormous bolt on it and still releases mine.
The simplest solution is to tick the box "Trust anyway" once a year.

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