Python Newbie2022-03-06 10:06:25
Python Newbie, 2022-03-06 10:06:25

How to find out if a program sends requests on MacOS?

Hello, I downloaded the clipboard log app, but I want to check if it sends requests to the server where it can sell my data and if so, block her access to the Internet. Open source program https://github.com/Clipy/Clipy , but I don't know much about swift. How to do it?

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FaustGette, 2022-03-06

WireShark is commonly used to monitor traffic .

BogdanSolovsky, 2022-03-12

You can block the program from accessing the Internet using a firewall, such as Lulu . But in your case, this is not necessary, nor is there any reason to assume that there are viruses in a popular open source program.

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